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Vikken is transgender. He’s about to take hormones for the first time. He records his voice that will disappear, and summons the figures of the past from all over the world for an intimate dialogue with himself.

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Title: Vikken

Length: 27:47 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Completion Date: 2021

Director: Dounia Sichov

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About the Director, Dounia Sichov

Dounia Sichov was born in Paris. She started as a stage actress, then cinema actress, editor, producer; she collaborated with Abel Ferrara, Mikhaël Hers, Denis Côté, Catherine Breillat, Antoine d'Agata, Danielle Arbid, Damien Manivel, Sharunas Bartas and Jonathan Caouette, among others. She's currently preparing her first feature.