Träume von Räumen

Träume von Räumen

Film Synopsis

In one of the last abandoned houses in the heart of Berlin, Matthias and his friends created their own kingdom, away from big transformations in the city. An utopia? When the young filmmaker wants to film the house and everydayness of its inhabitants, time speeds up: Construction work starts and eviction impends. The presence and the past begin suddenly to mingle.

To the occasional random visitor the quiet courtyard with its dreamy linden trees presents itself as an enchanted garden right off the busy life of Torstrasse.
‘What does it mean to inhabit a space?’, asks filmmaker and resident Matthias Lintner at the beginning of the film. The answer lies in the affectionate portraits of his neighbors. The director closely watches and listens to his house mates, who have built a world of their own, and refuses to focus on the outside world.
Ideas on vacantness and void appear as a subversive act against the utopia of the well-ordered spaces and echo the thoughts of writer Georges Perec — his quotes adding an essay-like layer.

Info box

Title: Träume von Räumen (Property)

Length: 85 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: Germany

Completion Date: 2019

Director: Matthias Lintner

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About the Director, Matthias Lintner

Matthias Lintner, born in 1987, South Tyrol, Italy. Mountain boy with a degree in graphic design. As a freelancer he worked as a photographer, actor, floorer and primary school teacher for immigrant children and assistant to the disabled. All of these experiences informed his later approach to cinema. In 2018 he completed his degree in directing at the German Film and Television School Berlin (DFFB).

As a filmmaker Matthias is interested in long term studies which allow him the space to reflect on the
world with precision and complexity and add his sense of humor.