To Feather, to Wither

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"A young taxidermist is fascinated by crows, paying considerate attention to their dead bodies. Her work on the birds is simultaneously a careful study of anatomical connections and a kind of service toward the resurrection of this mythical creature from the realm between life and death. Through detailed, pulsating black-and-white images and a sparingly intense soundtrack, a charged atmosphere unfolds between craftsmanship, imagination and poetry."

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Title: To Feather, to Wither

Length: 20 min

Genre: Experimental Documentary

Country of Origin: Finland

Completion Date: 2020

Director: Hanna Hovitie


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About the director, Hanna Hovitie

Hanna Hovitie (born in 1991) is a film director and artist from Helsinki, Finland. She has a background (BA) in Cinematography and Editing and in 2019 she graduated as a Master of Arts in Documentary Directing from the international DocNomads Joint Degree Program based in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. In her filmic work she studies the modern, triangular relationship between humans, nature and science. Her films have been screened and awarded at numerous international film festivals such as Sheffield Doc/Fest and DOK Leipzig.