The Shepherds of Cat Island

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"1943 January, Cat Island, MS, United States. The FBI is expected at the government's secret military base to see how Japanese-American soldiers serve as 'dog baits'. Based on true events, The Shepherds of Cat Island is a story of systemic racism that takes a single, and continuous look into our prejudice and conscience."

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Title: The Shepherds of Cat Island

Length: 12 min

Genre: Fiction

Country of Origin: United States

Completion Date: 2019

Director & Writer: Attila Rostas



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About the Director, Attila Rostas

Attila Rostas is a multiple Award winning Hungarian born American Writer, Director and Producer with strong emphases on social injustice, human biases and prejudice in his filmmaking body. Attila holds a Master's Degree in Economics and Diplomatic Services from Hungary, and a Master's Degree in International Business from Pace University in New York City. During his field studies in the European Union in Brussels and at the United Nations in New York City he got exposed to the disconnectedness of politics and social responsibility. After working in several countries in the corporate World, Attila enrolled to New York Film Academy then finished his film studies at San Francisco Film School in California.