The Service Hand Bells

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"The muffled noise of passing cars down on the street, lulls me.

This gentle surfing melts as I sink into sleep followed by the crystalline ringing of hand bells, stirred by Colette at the living room.

I sleep and I dream of the public swimming pool in my childhood (does it still exist?): at regular steps, a sleep walker wanders over the pool alleys without her bathing suit."

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Title: The Service Hand Bells

Length: 5 min

Genre: Experimental

Country of Origin: France

Completion Date: 2021

Directors: Maxime Berger, Julien Carreyn and Juana Wein



Film Stills

About the directors, Maxime Berger, Julien Carreyn and Juana Wein

Maxime Berger /

Maxime Berger is a director of photography born in Bourgogne, France and currently based in Paris.

Maxime’s film background comes as a very early discovery. At a young age, he equipped himself with several film cameras and jumped into professional life as early as 20 years old. 

He began to experiment with scraping on film, black and white, ektachrome, super16mm and 35mm. He is interested in bringing modernity into a visual aesthetic inspired by the different movements of cinema. He explores by innovating on technical and artistic means.

His work is characterized by hard lights, a soft and organic texture on the image with a harmony in keeping with the vision of the directors with whom he collaborates.

Today he works as a DoP on music videos, commercials and in parallel he continues to work in cinema.

Julien Carreyn /

Julien Carreyn is a visual artist born in Angers, France and based in Paris. He  is represented by the french gallery of contemporary art Galérie Crèvecoeur.

solo exhibitions

2020 Jeanne Cals et les pharmacies du Sacré-Cœur, Crèvecœur, Paris (FR) Nu qui marche, Motto, Berlin (DE)

2018 Heima Matti, avec Carrie Yamaoka, Crèvecoeur, Marseille (FR) 2016 Chez Bergeron, Vent des Forêts, Fresnes-au-Mont (FR) Photographies du soir, Crèvecoeur, Paris (FR)

2014 Art Basel Miami Beach, Positions, w. Crèvecoeur (FR) Nova Emporia, la Vitrine, Le Plateau / FRAC Ile de France, Paris (FR) Vitrines sur l’art, Le Plateau / FRAC Ile de France at Galeries Lafayette, Paris (FR)

2013 29473, CAC Passages, Troyes (FR)

2012 Byron Bay etc., with Jochen Dehn, Scénario d’automne, CNEAI, Chatou (FR) L’atelier des filles, Crèvecoeur, Paris (FR)

2011 Lyot, FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims (FR)

2010 Repassage, Crèvecoeur, Paris (FR) 2009 Ecstasy, Galerie Alfa, Paris (FR)

2008 La Principauté, Propriété Privée, Galerie AAA, Paris (FR)

2007 Présence du Futur, Galerie France Fiction, Paris (FR)

video, actions

2019 INTOTO 7, curated by Thomas Fougeirol and Julien Carreyn, Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg, Berlin (DE)

2018 INTOTO 6, curated by Julien Carreyn Thomas Fougeirol and Pepo Salazar, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris (FR)

2017 Stéphane Calais, Le vrai classique du vide parfait ou trois points et un ami, curated by Julien Carreyn, Galerie Susse Frères, Paris (FR)

INTOTO 5, curated by Julien Carreyn Thomas Fougeirol and Pepo Salazar, atelier Descottes, Paris (FR) 

INTOTO 4, curated by Thomas Fougeirol and Julien Carreyn, Essex Flowers, New York (US)

INTOTO 3, curated by Thomas Fougeirol and Julien Carreyn, Le Molière, Paris (FR)

2016 INTOTO 2, curated by Thomas Fougeirol and Julien Carreyn (FR) 

INTOTO 1, curated by Thomas Fougeirol and Julien Carreyn, Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris (FR)

L’Atelier des filles, video, 15:21 min

Le Pavillon, video, 13:56 min

Juana Wein /

Juana Wein is a director, writer, actress and photographer raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and based in Paris. She is interested in exploring and creating visual worlds that are poetic, imaginary and that propose new ways of storytelling.

With a background in theater and literature she mixes drama and poetry to arrive to a holistic piece.

From the intimate to the oddity, Juana is capable of putting together sensitivity, innocence and bizarreness into an individual aesthetic.

She carries a particular interest in things that are genuine, often portraying childhood and exploring magical universes that open doors to fear and fantasies.

She chooses to work with supports such as super 16mm film, super 8mm and video tape. 

Juana inquires into the relation between instantaneous mental images with the ones that print directly on film.