There is a Woman

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"Inspired in a poem written my grandfather, this film depicts my grandmother's life after his departure."

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Title: There is a Woman

Length: 20 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: Portugal

Completion Date: 2021

Director: Gustavo Silva

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About the director, Gustavo Silva

After graduating in Cinema and Audiovisual in 2015, I started my journey directing two short films that were nominated for several film festival such as MOTELX and Caminhos Film Festival - "Oneiros", a short horror film and "Náná", a short documentary.

Also in 2015, I directed and assembled the official commercial for Fantasporto - one of the greatest genre film festivals.

After 4 years I'm back with a really short horror film - PETRICHOR (already nominated for 7 festivals, including MOTELX); and now a short documentary about my grandmother's life after my grandfather's departure.