The Red Thread

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"A red thread is walking through the city of Berlin, leaving traces on the buildings - which become street art. The red thread is litterary drawing its own poetic way thorugh the city."

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Title: The Red Thread

Length: 1 min

Genre: Experimental Animation

Country of Origin: Germany

Completion Date: 2020

Director. Vanessa Cardui


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About the director, Vanessa Cardui

My artist name is easy to remember. Vanessa Cardui means butterfly – the painted lady. I finished my double diploma of „art and culture“ at University Hildesheim in Germany as well as „médiation culturelle de l’art“ at Université de Provence in France. After my studies of arts I was living and working in Hong Kong for 5 years. Now I am back in Berlin working in my atelier on my new animation films. I was already exposing in several international exhibitions in Australia, Argentina, Finland, Russia, Hong Kong and Germany. Here below I present you some of my art projects.