The Queen of Rice with Chicken

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"Federico is a 17-year-old introverted boy who is encouraged by his friends to abuse Antonella in a party. Both lack family support and the girl's sinister lawyer manages to imprison the boy. While Federico begins a decline into hell in prison, Antonella's adolescence collapses. "The Queen of Rice with Chicken"."

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Title: The queen of rice with chicken

Length: 1h 25 min

Genre: Fiction

Country of Origin: Argentina

Completion Date: 2019

Director: Miguel Bou

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About the director, Miguel Bou

Miguel Bou was born in Villa Lugano in 1983, studied film direction at the CYEVIC, complemented his studies at SICA (assistant director, editor, director of actors), studied script in the workshop of Israel Adrián Caetano. In 2012 he made his first film, “The White Sheep”, and in 2016 he presented “We are going to give it to you”, with which he won the award for Best Direction, Best Film, Best FX and Best Photography at the Unusual Film Festival of Bs As.
In 2017 he finished filming his third film, “The Path of the Rat”, which was in several festivals around the world. In all three films he was producer, director and screenwriter.
In 2018 he was head of production in Sharon Alpuche's "unrecognizable" film and in 2019 he finished his 4th film "the queen of rice with chicken" also as a producer, director and screenwriter, which is in distribution stage at festivals.