The Chinese will come

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"Chinese President is on his official 3-day visit to Serbia. Prime Minister and Government of Serbia are celebrating this visit, representing it as “historical”- the beginning of economical rescue of Serbia, thanks to Chinese investments, guaranteed by Chinese President himself.

20-years ago numerous Chinese community in Serbia is today hardly visible, hidden from media and politics. Same as a middle class of Serbia, whom they provide in their low-cost shops, Chinese workers remain overlooked and untouched by this important visit. In these three days of the president’s visit, we witness scenes from the lives of ordinary people, isolated in foreign country and culture, which is just their passing stop until the next temporary homeland.

Farmer’s family, living on cities edge, fighting with their own ignorance and state bureaucracy; young couple, with shop in province, torn between obligations toward family in China and their personal ambitions; female ensemble of middle-aged shop owners, escaping the monotony of their moldy shops in a dance; worker in a shopping mall, lost between his Chinese and his Serbian identity; girls growing up between shop shelves and products with etiquettes “Made in China” from Italy and Turkey."

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Title: The Chinese will come

Length: 1h 13 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: Serbia

Completion Date: 2018

Director. Tanja Brzakovic


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About the director, Tanja Brzakovic

Tanja Brzakovic was born in Belgrade. She received a master‘s degree in Directing from the Univerisity of Belgrade as well as from the Hamburg Media School in Germany. She writes and
directs shorts and documentaries, and works as an assistant director and media teacher. Her films have been screened at festivals all over the world (Los Angeles, Cannes, Paris, Prague,
Moscow, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Kiev, Tokyo, etc.) and garnered numerous awards.