The Bearers of Memories

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"With every moment - one more memory. But memory sometimes goes blind and what is left becomes hazy."

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Title: The Bearers of Memory

Length: 13 min

Genre: Experimental Documentary

Country of Origin: Lithuania

Completion Date: 2020

Director: Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė


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About the director, Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė

Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė (b. 1987) is an audio-visual artist, photographer and a creator of experimental documentary films, who is currently based in Utena (Lithuania). In 2020, she graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with an MA in Film Directing. She is also founder of the cinema “Kino namai” – a space for showing and producing films, for cinema activities, and education programmes of the cinema industry. Her works usually spans multiple disciplines including experimental and documentary moving image works in both: film and video. Filmmaker chooses present abstract ideas through a subjective, personal, and sensitive way of storytelling. Her newest experimental documentary film is called “The Bearers of Memories”, the theme of which is the erosion of memory and time. The film intertwines the reality around us with the forms of experimental cinema.