Shéár Avory: To Be Continued

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"Shéár Avory: To Be Continued is the coming of age story of Shéár Avory (pronouns: they/them/theirs), a 17 year old aspiring social justice advocate in Los Angeles who navigates housing instability and familial dependency on their journey to adulthood. Shéár depends closely on their mother Amber for continued access to their medical transition, though struggling in her recovery from addiction, she is unable to always offer Shéár the support they need. An observational piece, the film aims to ask, what does coming into adulthood actually look like, for a young Black trans* femme in today’s America?"

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Title: Shéár Avory: To Be Continued

Length: 26 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: United States

Completion Date: 2020

Director: Abram Cerda

Writer: Shéár Avory & Abram Cerda


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About the Director, Abram Cerda

Abram Cerda is a queer Luiseño/Latinx filmmaker and photographer. He graduated from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television with a concentration in documentary film production and a minor in Latin American Studies. He is originally from the Inland Valley in Southern California and he finds refuge in daily cuddles with his two siamese cats, the loves of his life, Mokos & Eli. He is beginning his MA in filmmaking at Luca School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium in September 2020.