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"An isolated soldier holds his position and prisoner during the downfall of a Nuclear War. Inspired by real stories from modern times, an anti-war animated film about the irrational behaviour of men during war."

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Title: Senseless

Length: 15 min

Genre: Animation

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Completion Date: 2020

Director & Writer:David Zamorano


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About the Director, David Zamorano

David Zamorano is a Chilean director, designer and animator, particularly interested in exploring surreal and complex scenarios. He draws inspiration from historic critical periods, their effect on characters and how they can trigger extreme and irrational behaviours, experimenting with these through film and animation.

Whilst running an animation studio based in Santiago, he also worked as a graphic design professor at BA level for five years before moving to London for an MA in Animation at UAL.

Currently based in London, he has been continuously working and collaborating with other creatives and studios and developing new short films.