Red Drift

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"The American artist, Sean Waple, is primarily interested in structures and materials - the latter can also be virtual and therefore non-material. In his video, Red Drift, he uses film effects to create a fascinating situation out of an ambiguous scene on a river or lake shore, the meaning of which is not necessarily revealed even after a long period of observation. Technical and organic seem to merge here, an epiphany moment appears and conceals at the same time. The magical atmosphere is underlined by the soundtrack by sound artist Kole Galbraith."

-Peter Witt, Festival Director for Die Digitale Dusseldorf

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Title: Red Drift

Length: 3 min

Genre: Experimental

Country of Origin: United States

Completion Date: 2020

Directors: Sean Waple & Kole Galbraith

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About the directors, Sean Waple & Kole Galbraith

Sean Waple is an artist and designer based in Seattle, Washington.

Kole Galbraith is a musician and sound artist originally from Wenatchee, Washington. He settled in Seattle after living in Germany, Mexico, and Austria. While traveling, Galbraith immersed himself in improvised experimental music across genres, ranging from free jazz, harsh noise, new music, and metal. He has exhibited his works in galleries and venues throughout the west coast and in Austria. Galbraith is a descendant of the Colville and Sinixt Tribes, and an enrolled member of the Peoria Tribe of Indians in Oklahoma.