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Press Release, Saturday 17th April 2021
5th Berlin Revolution Film Festival, 22-25th April 2021

Underground Art House comes online at the 5th Berlin Revolution Film Festival

As the pandemic continues more people are becoming actively invested in the media they consume. Some cheap entertainment after work still have it's place but the interest to try something new is sky rocketing. People are suddenly at a point that not only have they started watching that “top 100” list on imdb – they have finished it and are looking for more.

To fill this hunger for content indie film festivals are seeing a welcomed upswing and many are trying out livestreams. One is Berlin Revolution Film Festival who will host their 5th edition 22-25th of April as a free online livestream at their website and on Twitch also allows the more interactive viewers to chat live, vote for their favourite film, ask the host and film makers questions during the stream. A hot tip is to have the chat on your phone and the stream on your TV.

It's a four day program Thursday through Sunday consisting of fourty films from twenty different countries, a Smorgasbord of avant-garde and underground film making.

"We're proud of our program this year", says Jonatan Petré Brixel, Producer of the Festival. "It's diverse and broad in terms of origin, types of stories told and the methods of film making which is what we aim to achieve with this Festival."

Ending at Sunday night you'll get to see if your favourite film won (or let others see what you already know if you happen to have counted every vote) and if the jury agreed with the audience as they will be called in to announce the Grand Prix.

Catch the full program and dive into it before it starts at You don't want to miss out on this lustorous Festival packed with alternative and underground gems!

Program in Full

Each Festival day is dedicated to a theme, consisting of three two hour blocks with a mix of both short and feature length films. Between blocks there's a Q&A with the film makers. The Festival concludes Sunday evening with a Prize Ceremony for both the Audience Award and Jury Awards.

Journey, Thursday, 6pm-12am

*Thursday, titled Journey, opens the festival with the witty and warm-hearted road trip documentary Y? from Slovenia. A group of filmmakers drives a Yugoslavian Yugo Koral 55 all the way to United States where it was once imported and rated as the “worst can ever made”. Also featuring is Steffen Holzkamp’s Radio Taxi 1991 (GER) which through found footage inside Taxis brings us back into the turbulent Berlin when the wall had just come down. The night ends with a real Odyssey: feature film Calypso by Rodrigo Lima and Lukas Parente (BRA) translates into a free and experimental form the Fifth Canto of the Homeric Odyssey, with Calypso and Ulysses living the exile of a collapsing world.

Reflections, Friday, 6pm-12am
*Reflections on Friday is reserved for Portraits, where filmmakers keen eye reveals the unseen aspects of the unexpected subjects, of the outcasts and branded: The First Brdige by Laila Pakalnina a Kodak film portrait of the first bridge over the river Daugava connecting Latvia and Belarus. Shéár Avory:To Be Continued by Abram Cerda (US) follows a 17 year old aspiring social justice advocate in Los Angeles struggling his way to the medical transition. Also featured is Berlin based artist Karim Aouaj El Kasmiin in his attempts to find stability and freedom within the restraints of everyday life in Sweet Meadow by Jasmin Preiss (GER).

Visions, Saturday, 6pm-12am
*Saturday's Visions bring The death of my mother by Gerrit Kuge (GER), dominated by surpressed emotions, feeling of guilt and dark oneiric atmosphere, and the experimental feature Baba Vanga by Aleksandra Niemczyk about the Balkan prophet who was predicting the future of human kind. The finale lets in the glimpse of light: first the humorous, cheerful and sincere portrait of Fernandez Pratsch gay couple by Emiliano Spampinato (ESP), and then Martin Rieznik’s A story about prohibition (ARG) that explores the contradictions and absurdities of the war on drugs in the South America.

Transcendence, Sunday, 6pm-12am
*Transcendence on Sunday starts in calm, meditative tone. In The red drift by Sean Waple (USA) the technical and organic seem to merge, an epiphany moment appears and conceals at the same time, as we follow a single scene, distorted in order to emphasize the materiality of the medium. Crude and bewitchingly beautiful Arctic as a place of magic blending of languages, traditions, sounds and worlds is revealed in the poetic documentary Utuqaq by Iva Radivojevic (USA). Carina Sama was able to capture fascinating portrait of Malva, an Argentinian 95-year old transvestite at the very threshold of life and death and bring to us a story of Malva’s turbulent life and long career in Named like a flower (ARG). The closing title Eternity from Peru, by Oscar Catacora, takes us to 5000 meters height where an 80 years old couple dwell alone under the clear sky and stars.

If you are interested in watching and reviewing the films at the festival program please contact us for access to our media library.

Berlin Revolution Film Festival
Ana Kresojevic, Communications

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