L'eau Faux

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"There is friction in the water. An entity of nature, constantly manipulated. Something happened, when water became a 'thing' that you can buy in a bottle…

L'eau Faux (2020) is an experimental film with animation, puppeteering and actors."

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Title: L'eau Faux

Length: 15 min

Genre: Animation

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Completion Date: 2020

Directors: Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen


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About the Directors, Serge Onnen and Sverre Fredriksen

Serge Onnen

(1965 Paris) Went straight to The Rijksacademy in Amsterdam with no previous art school background.  Since then he has shown his work around the world, Mostly drawing and pre cinematic related media. In 2012 he started to introduce Chinese shadow puppets in his work. In 2017 he made his first short film together with Sverre Fredriksen; Cloacinae using different pre—cinematografic techniques, including phenakistoscopes, kaleidoscopes and  shadow puppets.   L’eau Faux (2020) is their second film. They are now working on the third film, that will also include an array of pre-cinematic media. 


Cloacinae (2017) Tiger Award nomination IFFR, The Netherlands

L’eau Faux (2020) Oberhausen kurzfilmtage, Germany

Sverre Fredriksen

Sverre Fredriksen grew up in the woods of Norway. At the age of 8 he discovered the
magic of animation, and started animating his toy dinosaurs. He went on to study film in
Australia, where he made Power Up - shot on super 8 and animated frame by frame
with spray paint and graffiti stencils - it won the “Changemaker Award” in NYC in 2007.
Since then, Sverre has been exploring new territories of analogue animation and
satisfied a wide range of international clients with his commissioned work. An elaborate
woodcut pyrography music video for Tim Knol’s When I Am King won him several
awards, such as the Audience Award for Best Dutch Videoclip in 2010. Sverre’s latest
short film Human Nature (2019) premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, was
nominated for the Golden Calf at Nederlands Film Festival and won the award ‘Best
Dutch Short 2019’ at Kaboom Animation Festival. In 2020, Sverre received the Dutch
Directors Guild nomination for DirectorsNL Awards, in the category animation.