House of living colors

House of living colors

Film Synopsis

A kaleidoscopic, 26-minute documentary portrait of one of Berlin's first BPOC drag collectives during the spring and summer as they prepare for their debut show. Rehearsals, interviews, and performance blend together
in a floral collage of backstage, onstage and portrait footage.

Info box

Title: House of living colors

Length: 26 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: Germany

Completion Date: 2018

Director: Katrina Singleton


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About the Director, Katrina Singleton

Katrina Singleton (she/her) is a filmmaker and photographer originally from Scarborough, Canada and now based in Berlin. Specializing in intimate and colourful portraits, her work spans from short documentaries to editorial photoshoots and music videos. Her main focus is highlighting and telling narratives of underrepresented and
marginalized communities, particularly those from the Afrodescendant and Caribbean diaspora. Katrina is also a curator for the Berlin collective
BIPOC Film Society, contributing detailed recommendations of films by BIPOC-identified directors, and also has moderated an after-show
discussion after the collective’s screening of “Horror Noire” in October 2020. Katrina’s film works have been screened at Kantine am
Berghain, the Montreal World Film Festival and Piccadilly Circus.