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"In a dead-end room lives a slave of the system, addicted to the computer mouse and a reality show that never ends. Obsessed with an illusion, his dream is to go to the paradise that he has seen in a TV commercial...with just a flick of a finger."

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Length: 11 min

Genre: Experimental

Country of Origin: Spain

Completion Date: 2021

Director: Jaime A. Calachi



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About the director, Jaime A. Calachi

Jaime A. Calachi

Freelance Director and Photographer

Based in Madrid, Spain. Working worldwide.

Jaime A. Calachi enjoys experimenting and traveling, so his work covers a wide range of subjects, styles and techniques: music videos, branded content, narrative, experimental... and more!

His photography explores themes of time, transience, decay and humanity in portraits and landscapes.