Fragments of a revolution

Fragments of a revolution

Film Synopsis

An experimental film about narrations of two journal photos from Iran's revolution 1979.
University if Tehran 1981. Two years after the Iranian revolution following ayatollah Khomeini’s order, universities were shut down. A mass purge took place. “non- Islamic” students and lecturers were expelled. Hundreds of people were injured, killed, exiled. Since then, all universities in Iran have been strictly Islamic. “the purge is called Iran cultural revolution”. This is a requiem for a revolution.

Info box

Title: Fragments of a revolution

Length: 6:29 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: Iran

Completion Date: 2020

Director: Sahand Sarhaddi

Director's statement

Film Stills

About the Director, Sahand Sarhaddi

Sahand Sarhaddi has born in November 1991 in Tehran, graduated from Theater and Dramatic Literature at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University.

Since 2006, he started collaborating with some publications as a photographer. Besides photography, he began his theater and cinema activities mainly as a writer and director since 2010.

In recent years, he has been active in the field of multimedia and visual arts. He has been trying to integrate and combine photographs, video, performance, screening, and literature through his artworks.

He joined The Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association IRDFA in 2020.