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SHORTS I  "Through Our Eyes"  18.00-19.30

SHORTS II "Identity" 20.00-21.30

SHORTS III + FEATURE I "Life" 22.00-23.30

SUNDAY April 5


SHORTS IV "The Journey" 18.00-19.30


SHORTS V + FEATURE III "One's nature" 22.00-23.30



Moderating host, Q&A with film makers on Skype, call ins from special guests etc! This covid-19 situation might have opened a door for us we might not have dared going for otherwise.
We're gonna use the worlds leading platform for livestreaming, Twitch.

Are we the world's first in Film Festival to live stream as MAIN program!?

Join in 4-5th April, 1700 Berlin time!

Leading up to our big live event we are streaming films from the archives of our VOD site Illambra EVERY DAY at 1pm Berlin Time. If you're intersted, tune in for some unconventional and experimental Art House Films - documentaries, ficiton and hybrids:

Herre you can view the ENTIRE FESTIVAL PROGRAM LIVE! We stream from TWITCH and if you wish you can also use the twitch app and view from there.

Leading up to the event we will do Daily Live Streams at 1..30 PM. To catch when we are online simply visit our website here, and to get notifications follow our channel HERE

If you want to chat to other viewers from around Germany and the world, you can do so below if you have a twitch account (ask your nearest 12-year-old-gamer for advice).

Submitting & Participating


If you're interested in participating, it all starts with the submission. We charge a small fee for this, high enough not to be spammed by films and low enough to make sure it does not cripple film makers wishing to have their film considered. While we strive to screen as many films as we can, we cannot invite all films submitted and must make the decision of how many we can screen without it lowering the quality we offer to those we invite.


Focus is on films with a personal style that are self produced - not tied to big production companies, institutions or TV stations.


In our programming we first and foremost seek bravery, a lust to experiment and express using the medium of Film, regardless if the film maker is an amateur starting out or an establishedprofessional. Experimental, Fiction, Documentary, Animation and all sorts of genres – anything goes as long as the banner of Independence is held high. Attention in the selection process will be given to artistic originality and  creativity.


Participating at the festival should be a valuable experience, and something film makers look forward to return to. To encourage and support this we provide accomodation to all selected film makers in Berlin for the Festival. 


So far we have screened hundreds of films from more than 50 different countries such as Brazil, Iran, USA, Russia, Sweden, Lebanon, Tunisia and of course Germany to name a few. We've also been blessed to have film makers visiting the festival from many of these countries.



For more information please visit the "submit & participate" tab.




Returning Film Maker


One section very dear to us and hopefully for everyone who has ever participated at our Festival with a film is the Cut Blanche section for returning film makers.


It is exactly what it sounds like. If you had a film by us you have a cut blanche to register whatever film you have completed since then in the "Cut Blanche" section. This is a special category reserved only for returning film makers and is separated from the competition section. If you wish to participate in the competition you must enroll through the submission



For more information please visit the "Cut Blanche" or "Plan your Premiere" tab.



Visit Berlin


Regardless if you are a returning film maker or participate for the first time - we pay accomodation for you in order to support your visit! Nothing fancy, but a bed for you and a +1 during the festival weekend. 


Visiting the Festival, to present your film, to meet other film makers, mingle and network with guests is a vital part of a films Festival tour and something we heavily advice you to do. Not only is it fruitfull for your films promotion tour, it's also often a valuable and fun experience!


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