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Official Selection - 5th Berlin Revolution Film Festival

All times are CET

Thursday 22, 6-8 pm

Y?, Slovenia, 60 min

The Fourfold, Canada, 8 min

Habitat, Spain, 11 min

Lucky mud, United States,15 min

The Shephards of Cat Island, United States, 12 min

Thursday 22, 8-10pm

The red thread, Germany, 1 min

Luigi Zanuso - From Erotism to Diogene, Italy, 25 min

Heliconia, France, 27 min

RADIO TAXI 1991 - Night Shift in Berlin (West), Germany, 45 min

Thursday 22, 10-12pm

Senseless, United Kingdom, 15 min

Close your eyes, Germany, 29 min

Calypso, Brazil, 1h 1 min

Friday 23, 6-8pm

The First Bridge, Latvie, 12 min

Ofenheizung: Portrait of a Stove, Germany, 22 min

Chinese will come, Serbia, 1h 12 min

Friday 23, 8-10pm

Vapor, Germany, 9 min

Shéár Avory: To Be Continued, United States, 26 min

Sweet Meadow, Germany, 1h 11 min

Friday 23, 10-12pm

The queen of rice with chicken, Argentina, 1h 3 min

Landscapes of War, Serbia, 49 min

Saturday 24, 6-8pm

House without a key, France, 6 min

L'eau faux, Netherlands, 15 min

There's a Woman, Portugal, 20 min

The Diviners, Ukraine, 1h

Saturday 24, 8-10pm

The service hand bells, France 5 min

The Death of my Mother, Germany, 26 min

Baba Vanga, Poland, 1h 16 min

Saturday 24, 10-12pm

Fernández Pratsch, Sparin, 30 min

A Story about Prohibition, Argentina, 1h 7 min

Sunday 25, 6-8pm

Red Drift, United States, 5 min

Utuqaq, United States, 27 min

Cryene Donovan, Hungary, 1h 4 min

Sunday 25, 8-10pm

The bearers of Memories, Lithuania, 13 min

Train pulling into a Station, Russian Federation, 14 min

Where he was Born, Germany, 25 min

Named like a Flower, Argentina, 1h 3 min

Sunday 25, 10-12pm

To Feather to Whither, Hungary, 20 min

Eternity, Peru, 1h 26 min


Audience Awards

1st place - 500€

2nd place - 200€

Jury Awards

Grand Prix - 500€

Best Feature Film - 200€

Best Short Film - 200€

Award Ceremony

Sunday 12pm directly after the last block of films