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SHORTS I  "Through Our Eyes"  18.00-19.30

SHORTS II "Identity" 20.00-21.30

SHORTS III + FEATURE I "Life" 22.00-23.30

SUNDAY April 5


SHORTS IV "The Journey" 18.00-19.30


SHORTS V + FEATURE III "One's nature" 22.00-23.30



Moderating host, Q&A with film makers on Skype, call ins from special guests etc! This covid-19 situation might have opened a door for us we might not have dared going for otherwise.
We're gonna use the worlds leading platform for livestreaming, Twitch.

Are we the world's first in Film Festival to live stream as MAIN program!?

Join in 4-5th April, 1700 Berlin time!

Leading up to our big live event we are streaming films from the archives of our VOD site Illambra EVERY DAY at 1pm Berlin Time. If you're intersted, tune in for some unconventional and experimental Art House Films - documentaries, ficiton and hybrids:


3rd Edition 15-16th December 2018

Cinema Moviemento, Kreuzberg Berlin



The jury of the 3rd Berlin Liberi Film Festival consisted of Pablo Radice, film maker from Argentina and winner of our Grand Prix 2017, and Caroline Schwarz, film maker and mixed media artis from Germany. In the end they came to the decision that for the Grand Prix they could not find common ground and therefore for this year it will be split.


For our 3rd edition 2018 here are the winners:


GRAND PRIX – People of the Wasteland by Heba Khaled AND Period by Kira Bursky All Around Artsy


Jury Motivation for "People of the Wasteland"

"Lines and territorial, conceptual and discursive borders seem to run and vanish through the audiovisual construction of Wasteland. It is a very powerful artistic, journalistic and design piece. There is intelligence in the reuse of material through a montage of the real with cutting and precise cuts that make invisible an enunciative device as strong and powerful as the camera. The question about the eye that looks and conforms every statement, and the technology that crosses us, and transforms us all the time in ourselves."

*Review of People of the Wasteland: https://bit.ly/2A1PQaP


Jury movitation for "Period"

"It's an experimental film, that excites! Like watching a youngster, female Lanthimos learn how to navigate the area of film everybody is afraid of – not really categorizable. Bold enough to tell a narrative story in the field of experimental filmmaking, it visually keeps the viewer hooked the entire film. Brave enough to use acting, which is not emotionally charged. It has it's own style, that cannot be copied out of a film-manuel."

*Review of Period: https://bit.ly/2USWQjk


Best Experimental Film – ΤΗΕ ΟΧ by Giorgos Nikopoulos

"Ox is a window to a surreal dream reality not too far away. A piece of a strong narrative structure and a sensitive and poetic impression of colors, shadows and silhouettes. Through an original soundtrack and the plasticity of its pictorial images, we can travel to another dimension and perceive certain natural rhythms of the universe. "

*Review of The Ox: https://bit.ly/2Ez7cA5


Best Fiction Film – Pink Velvet Valley by Sebastién Petretti

"Pink valley is as simple, as it is great, and we all know how hard that is to come by. The sets, scenes and camera-arrangements are all made with loving detail and make you fall for the character right away. The form of interview effortlessely supports that. It gets to the point, stays on the point - a very good and humerous film."

*Review of Pink Velvet Valley: https://bit.ly/2SYYiir


Best Documentary Film – Hattie goes Cruising by Konstantin Bock

"One would think otherwise, but sex is still not as visible of a theme in shortfilmfestivals. And when it is, it's mostly connected to problematic issues regarding politics, exklusion, violance etc. And while these are important subjects, it's brace to make a film - a documentary even - purely about sexual desire and how to manage that in life. The honesty of the film is gold, the main protagonist just so authenticly loveable and the story is told closely and direct."

*Review of Hattie Goes Cruising: https://bit.ly/2PQ8fNe


Reviews by Kirk S. Fernwood, author of the Film Critic Blog OneFilmFan


Congratulations to the winners!

Event photos by : Erika Holm Petré

Free to use if credited to Erika Holm Petré

2nd Edition 16-17th December 2017

Cinema Moviemento, Kreuzberg Berlin


52 Films from 39 different countries participated in the 2nd edition! More than 20 film makers traveled to the Festival from Spain, Norway, Greece, USA, Tunisia and France to name a few. Special thanks to all attending film makers and to the participating organizations Experimental Film Society, Bogota Experimental Film Festival, London Experimental Film Festival and Obscura Filmfest Berlin!




TWINS by Pablo Radice, Argentina



Jury Motivation

"An uncanny account of inseparable separateness. Told with stylish panache, by way of ingenious split-screen shots, multiple manners of in-frame doubling, and cross-cutting, we’re following the remarkable life stories of the film’s twins as they end up at opposite, yet interconnected poles on the medical spectrum. One brings new life to the world, while his brother digs out forensic traces from dead bodies. Twins is a memorable film for its personal take on memories, identities, life, and death. And for its stellar command of the filmic tool box."


Best Narrative

The Eternal Journey by Sunil Pandey, Nepal


Jury Motivation

"The film deals with death in a non-threatening and respectful way. The film’s framing and mise-en-scène in combination, display a beautiful aesthetic due to its calm and artful slowness."


Best Documentary

Permission to Land by Leva Saudargaite Douaihi, Lebanon




Jury Motivation

"The film impresses with its special camera work and the exquisite shifts in tone between poetry and realism. This is a cinematic excavation of lost land highlighting the mercurial processes of change we often call development and progress. The film balances its nostalgia for lost landscape in its blending of reflective voice and image flow."


Best Berlin Original

Limbo Weeks by Bianca Kennedy in cooperation with Fabian Vogler, Germany



Jury Motivation

"Limbo Weeks is a veritable tour de force. The film shows a masterful and compelling use of its creative devices when depicting a voyage en route to life and gender, all with animated skill and a liberating dose of fun and mischief."


Best Non Narrative

The End of Time by Milcho Manchevski, Cuba



Jury Motivation

"The video End of time takes a single, insignificant situation out of everyday life and shows it as a sacred moment by slowing down the rhythm for sharper vision. The film’s crisp minimalism and commanding simplicity is truly moving."



Festival Jury

2017 year’s jury consisted of Berlin videoartist Ana Baumgart and Film Scholar Jan Olsson, professor of Cinema Studies and former Head of the Film Department at Stockholm University.



1st Edition 17-18th December 2016

Cinema Moviemento, Kreuzberg Berlin

Thank you everyone who attended the Festival in different ways! Film makers who flew from UK, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore, France and more, Experimental Film organizations and of course local Berlin audience who made the 1st Edition of the Berlin Experimental Film Festival a success!




Soundprint by Monteith McCollum, United States



Jury Motivation

"How to look at sound? Here's a film that blurs the border between audio and vision, zooming into the microstructure of its textural composition. The spectator is taken on a mesmerizing journey that turns him into a scientific observer of film material itself, exploring its structure. A film that reflects the history of sound experiments in cinema and the look of its technical recording, while leaving a mystical space between two types of frequencies: the visual and the acoustic."


Jury Honorable Mentions


The Essential Cornishman by Mark Jenkin, United Kingdom



Jury Motivation

"An overdue praise of a neglected hero, delivered in a breathless flow of words and wit reminiscent of the Beatniks and 1940s British documentary tradition."


Masha Natasha by Janin Halisch, Fred Burle, Cecile Tollu-Polonowski, Marie Losier, Germany


Jury Movitation:

"An appealingly composed film that gives insight into a rare, inspirational creative process that also plays with and extends the documentary format"


They are there but I am not by Ye Mimi, Taiwan


Jury Motivation:

"Ye Mimi’s take on the ‘poetry film’, as the director describes it, is breathtakingly beautiful. The motif, time, is illustrated in a subtle way throughout."



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