Cryene Donovan

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"Heni is a 20 year old girl with many talents. She sings, draws, writes poems and plays the guitar. But she has an unusual mental illness: she has dissociative identity disorder. She’s got 4 distinct personalities living in her body.

She has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital after trying to commit suicide.

The documentary is about her everyday life in the institution as she struggles to face her past and cope with her illness. It’s also about her capricious relationship with the filmmaker who tries to understand her, reveal her secret past and finish the documentary. But things take a bad turn."

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Title: Cryene Donovan

Length: 1h 4 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: Hungary

Completion Date: 2019

Director. Dénes Németh

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About the director, 

Dénes Németh studied film theory in the University of Pécs, Hungary. He got his Master's degree in filmmaking at ELTE, Budapest. During his studies he has made several short films. Cryene Donovan is his directorial debut full-length documentary.