Close Your Eyes

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"We see a young man suddenly emerging from ostensibly deep waters. He seems tense, calms down only slowly. Sound and images finally blend into the interior of a castle. Inside that castle, the man experiences strange visions, a female voice whispering: “cierra tus ojos” (Eng. Close your eyes). We follow that voice to enter the protagonist’s mind. But what world is depicted there?

On the thereshold between deep sleep and awakening, ‘Cierra Tus Ojos‘ explores the intricate and twisted logic of our dreams. Imagery and narrative draw from partly real, partly fictional memories, combining them with elements from various film genres such as horror, thriller, neo noir or surrealist film."

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Title: Close Your Eyes

Length: 29 min

Genre: Experimental

Country of Origin: Germany

Completion Date: 2020

Directors: Thomas Brück, Lukas Pfalzer

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About the director, Thomas Brück

Thomas Brück, born 1988 in Zapopan, Mexico, studied time-based arts at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art, Halle and at the University of Arts in Havana. His artistic body of work, explores various epistemological concepts of reality and identity formation using techniques of film and performance art. He participated in artist residencies in Poland, Cuba and Germany and numerous exhibitions and festivals. In his leisure he explores the potentials of Drama Therapy, Psychomagic and Zen.