Baba Vanga

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"Memories of the life and visions of the Balkan prophet Baba Vanga, who was predicting the future of human kind and the world up to its end in the year 5079. Baba Vanga, as an older woman, tells how she lost her sight but “began to see”. Following an accident, ghosts of dead people came to her to reveal what would happen to the world. Some of her predictions actually happened, some didn’t, and for many predictions time will show."

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Title: Baba Vanga

Length: 76 min

Genre: Fiction

Country of Origin: Serbia

Completion Date: 2016

Director: Aleksandra Niemczyk


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About the director, Aleksandra Niemczyk

Aleksandra Niemczyk (b. 1977, Poland) is a former student of Béla Tarr, as part of the first generation of MA students graduating from his ‘film.factory’ program in Sarajevo Film Academy. She also holds a Master of Art degree in Fine Arts from the European Academy of Art in Warsaw (2001). Niemczyk began studying film directing at the New York Film School in 2007. Since 2001, she lives and creates in Oslo, Norway. One of her first short films made in Norway was selected and awarded in Locarno Film Festival 2009. Niemczyk’s roots in the fine arts manifest through the visual storytelling that drives her narratives. Niemczyk investigates memories, dreams, and paranormal characters or events, using a dream logic and poetic approach to the realization of her own distinct cinema.