Carte Blanche Shorts II 20-2130

Herre you can view the ENTIRE FESTIVAL PROGRAM LIVE! We stream from TWITCH and if you wish you can also use the twitch app and view from there.

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SHORTS I  "Through Our Eyes"  18.00-19.30

SHORTS II "Identity" 20.00-21.30

SHORTS III + FEATURE I "Life" 22.00-23.30

SUNDAY April 5


SHORTS IV "The Journey" 18.00-19.30


SHORTS V + FEATURE III "One's nature" 22.00-23.30



Moderating host, Q&A with film makers on Skype, call ins from special guests etc! This covid-19 situation might have opened a door for us we might not have dared going for otherwise.
We're gonna use the worlds leading platform for livestreaming, Twitch.

Are we the world's first in Film Festival to live stream as MAIN program!?

Join in 4-5th April, 1700 Berlin time!

Leading up to our big live event we are streaming films from the archives of our VOD site Illambra EVERY DAY at 1pm Berlin Time. If you're intersted, tune in for some unconventional and experimental Art House Films - documentaries, ficiton and hybrids:

Sunday 2000-2130


We are proud and happy to re-invite film makers who have previously participated at our festival! They have received a Carte Blanche to visit us and show you their new works! In these two unique film blocks we have animations, experimentals, fiction and documentaries. 

The Presence

Sunday 2000-2130

Length: 09:35 min

Directed by: Juhani Koivumäki

Country of Origin: Finland


14 people meditated eyes open in the studio-conditions for 20 minutes. The director chose an excerpt from each meditation. The documentary short film “The presence” depicts meditation as an experience that unites people extending the unity into the viewers. Meditation can also be meditated.

Sancho Panza's Dream

Sunday 2000-2130

Length: 12:39 min

Directed by: David Desideri

Country of Origin: Germany


A man is sitting in a pub and reads Cervantes' "Don Quixote". Other guests arrive and things start to get weird. He falls asleep and his dreams seem to be inspired by the people around him and the book he's reading.

David Desideri

– Born in 1967 in Nürtingen, Germany
– Nationality: German
1991 - 1995: Studies cultural pedagogy in Hildesheim, GER.
1996 – 2004: Works at several theaters in GER as assistant, actor and director.
1998 – 2017: Writes 6 plays for theater. Two of them had been enacted.
2013 – 2015: Works with his brother, Roger Desideri, on film scripts for short films. Inception of Fratelli Desideri Film Productions.

Cease Susurrating

Sunday 2000-2130

Length: 25:00 min

Directed by: Ye Mimi

Country of Origin: Taiwan


Four years ago my husband died from a heart attack while racing to board a bus. He was only forty-four years old; we had been married for less than a year. For months I was beside myself with grief. Gradually, however, I finally accepted the inevitability of death, and came to understand that every end is a new beginning, and, through art, to transform my pain into something positive and life-affirming. This film is the result of that effort. Through a fusion of words and images, I strive to lay to rest the dead and bring to life new life.

Ye Mimi is a Taiwanese poet and filmmaker. A graduate of the MFA Creative Writing Department at Dong Hwa University and the MFA Film Department at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she is the author of three volumes of poetry and has internationally exhibited several of her poetry films. Through collaging her words and images, she improvises a new landscape trying to erase the border between poetry and image making. Book-length translations of her work are available in Dutch and English.

The Quiet Hill

Sunday 2000-2130

Length: 08:30 min

Directed by: Michael Windle

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Who am I? Although my cerebral and visual cortex is as old as me - my stomach lining is replaced every 5 days, my skin every fortnight and bones every 10 years. My unique DNA is as much me as anything else it seems... and that will be Irish - since (suspiciously) Ancestry DNA is based in Dublin. A short film about trees, family trees, and migration.

I spent my early life in various parts of UK, Middle and Far East before studying drawing & painting at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee until postgrad in 1984.

Moved to London in 1987 - my first home was Acme Studios (now the site of Zaha Hadid’s Olympic Aquatic Centre) and then Delfina Studio Trust. Now a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art.

To All Those

Sunday 2000-2130

Length: 06:25 min

Directed by: Josh Weissbach

Country of Origin: United States


a city symphony in miniature, dedicated to anyone who has gotten lost in thought while stuck on the midwinter train. to all that unfolds in those private reveries.


Sunday 2000-2130

Length: 05:00 min

Directed by: Aitan Ebrahimoff

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Commander is a performance art film exploring colonialism, poetic ecology, and control.

Set in a timespace where historical past meets speculative future, Colonel Pike encounters hybrid beings (animal-human) in a shingle interzone. He observes their bioculture - a process of freedom and 'non-identity'. Paralysed by naivety Pike is alienated and becomes the subject of perverse ritual.

After studying Anthropology Aitan began developing independent video projects. Blending experimental film with documentary, his independent work focuses on sound and image to develop narrative.

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