Shorts II "identity" 20-2130

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SHORTS I  "Through Our Eyes"  18.00-19.30

SHORTS II "Identity" 20.00-21.30

SHORTS III + FEATURE I "Life" 22.00-23.30

SUNDAY April 5


SHORTS IV "The Journey" 18.00-19.30


SHORTS V + FEATURE III "One's nature" 22.00-23.30



Moderating host, Q&A with film makers on Skype, call ins from special guests etc! This covid-19 situation might have opened a door for us we might not have dared going for otherwise.
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Are we the world's first in Film Festival to live stream as MAIN program!?

Join in 4-5th April, 1700 Berlin time!

Leading up to our big live event we are streaming films from the archives of our VOD site Illambra EVERY DAY at 1pm Berlin Time. If you're intersted, tune in for some unconventional and experimental Art House Films - documentaries, ficiton and hybrids:

Medium Rare

Saturday 2000-2130

Length: 04:35 min

Directed by: Luca Cioci

Country of Origin: United States


Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

Luca Cioci is a filmmaker and visual artist from Italy. He recently graduated with a BFA in Animation from CalArts and currently resides in Los Angeles working as a multi-disciplinary freelancer.

Saturday 2000-2130


Program will be streamed LIVE ON TWITCH!
Join us and our host in our LIVE EVENT! Watch films together, interact in chat and tune in for the video Q&A's

Constantly finding new life motifs, between inner and outer world, dreams and reality, between the worlds, past and future, heritage and perspectives, contrasting roles, inner conflicts

in search of IDENTITY

Boy's Surface

Saturday 2000-2130

Length: 23:01 min

Directed by: Yuichi Iwanaga

Country of Origin: United States


An earnest college student's reality is muddled when he is consumed with finding out if the girl in his dreams is real or imagined.

Yuichi Iwanaga

2006-2011 Keio University
2017-2019 UCLA extension


Saturday 2000-2130

Length: 13:30 min

Directed by: Marsia Tzivara

Country of Origin: Germany


A futuristic dark tale in a dystopic Berlin. The last child on earth and his Imaginary friend, fight over the future of the planet. Is it faith enough to keep earth alive? A comment on the future of the planet, human responsibility and oppression.

I was born in Greece, i studied in England and i live in Germany. I have more than 15 years experience in the film and TV industry and i have been involved in numerous national and international productions, mostly as 1st A.D and casting director. When i moved to Berlin a few years ago, i founded a small independent company, and started producing my on projects. My debut feature documentary received two international awards and a special mention, while was distributed worldwide

Allegro Lambda

Saturday 2000-2130

Length: 10:00 min

Directed by: Miriam Endrulat

Country of Origin: Germany


Allegro Lambda" continues the attempt to give the otherwise basically two-dimensional, flat style of the so-called "Cameraless Film" a spatiality. The scratched shapes and painted color gradients create a three-dimensional space with the help of digital montage and coloration: handmade pictures in the context of a digital arrangement. This aspect is taken up in the music level, in that the material consciously moves between analogue-acoustic and digital sound worlds.

Miriam Endrulat (born 1988) lives and works in Hamburg. In Sommer 2019 she completed her Master of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Her work includes painting and film as well as graphics. In her abstract films, she unites these artistic disciplines and constantly enters into collaborations with audio artists and composers. Her work is integrated into the old tradition of absolute film. 

The Hindwing

Saturday 2000-2130

Length: 14:33 min

Directed by: Christine Kettaneh

Country of Origin: Lebanon


Red needles, pill-size holes, dried up lumps of resin, empty cones, and a missing scent are only a few of the aesthetic signs of a dead pine tree. Some native to North America and others to Europe and Asia, the bark beetles have chewed their way through forests and have recently spread to Lebanon threatening to chomp our last green lung. Healthy trees usually fight off the bark beetles but climate change has been increasingly weakening their defenses signaling an impending forest insect outbreak.

Christine Kettaneh is a Lebanese artist, holder of a MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (‘13) and a MSc in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics (‘05).

Christine Kettaneh has received several awards: ‘Best Experimental Short Film’ award for her artist film ‘Feelers’ in the Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes (Nov’18); the overall Arte Laguna Prize in the 'Sculpture and Installation category' and the special 'artist in gallery' prize, Venice (Mar'15); the YICCA - art residency in italy - prize (May’18); the Premio Ora Prize (May’17); and the Aomi Okabe Jury award in Art Olympia, Tokyo (Jun’17). She was also recently longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize in York, UK and featured in the Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology 2018.

Greetings, from the Planet Krog

Saturday 2000-2130

Length: 06:00 min

Directed by: Yani Gellman

Country of Origin: United States


A young mother is stolen away to the furthest corners of the galaxy and must escape an alien prison to return home and rescue her own child. Greetings, From the Planet Krog! is a "do-it-yourself" sci fi epic that suggests our greatest exploration of the universe takes place within the human heart and mind.

Yani Gellman was born in Miami and moved frequently as a child, living in Australia, Spain, Texas, and Canada before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. After breaking into cinema as an actor - Yani has appeared in such film as the Lizzie McGuire Movie and 47 Metres Down, along with such series as Pretty Little Liars and Bosch, he is now increasingly focused on creating his own stories, generally focusing on the intersection between childhood trauma, cultural alienation, and mental illness - often through a whimsical, genre bending and irreverent approach.

The Wake

Saturday 2000-2130

Length: 29:10 min

Directed by: Jemila MacEwan

Country of Origin: United States


'The Wake' is a surreal allegory that reckons with the complex emotions of being human within the Holocene extinction. A protagonist assumes responsibility for five enormous wisdom teeth unrooted from a glacier melting into the ocean. Traveling over icy tundra and traversing sheer cliffs, they shepherd the teeth toward an unknown destination.

Jemila MacEwan is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in New York. MacEwan was born in Scotland to Sufi parents, and immigrated to Australia as a child where her upbringing intertwined scientific, mythological and spiritual ways of learning from the land. She continues to draw connections between people and place; material and culture; spirituality and experience. MacEwan’s work seeks out an empathetic approach to humanities destructive impulses. 

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