Shorts I "Through our Eyes" 18-1930

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SHORTS I  "Through Our Eyes"  18.00-19.30

SHORTS II "Identity" 20.00-21.30

SHORTS III + FEATURE I "Life" 22.00-23.30

SUNDAY April 5


SHORTS IV "The Journey" 18.00-19.30


SHORTS V + FEATURE III "One's nature" 22.00-23.30



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Saturday 1800-1930


Program will be streamed LIVE ON TWITCH!
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Dark, bright, oneiric, witty, funny, lingering in the past, among ghostly visions, desires, dreams and nightmares,

cinema hunts persent like a ghostly vision from the past, through the scratchy surface of the hand processed celluloid ("Olive"), THROUGH OUR EYES, through the glass darkly

The Butterfly Love Song

Saturday 1800-1930

Length: 13:59 min

Directed by: Luke Morgan

Country of Origin: Ireland / United States


A film by Project Spatula, produced by Morgan Creative, John Herbert and Seamus Scanlon. Based on the award-winning short story by Seamus Scanlon.

Luke Morgan is an Irish director and writer. He is the founder of filmmaking collective “Project Spatula”. He completed his first feature film, “Sooner or Later”, which premiered in 2018 at the Galway Film Fleadh and screened as part of the Cork Film Festival 2018. It is now available to watch worldwide on Amazon Prime. 

See my Ghost Passing

Saturday 1800-1930

Length: 11:41 min

Directed by: Yann Pichot

Country of Origin: France


Between dreams and nightmares, Lilith sees the ghost of her lost love.

Silver in the Churn

Saturday 1800-1930

Length: 08:40 min

Directed by: Jasper Lee

Country of Origin: USA


A hypnotic audio-visual song in which the Southern landscape is used as a foundation for exploring superstition, ritual and the sacred. Drawing from research into Southeastern superstitions, the abstract lyrical quality of this lore is woven into an oblique dance through repetition and juxtapositon. Small bodily gestures reveal a map of relationships and trace the ways time and power shape the land and us.

Jasper Lee is an artist and musician from central Alabama whose work in filmmaking explores superstition and the transmission of knowledge in the deep South.


Saturday 1800-1930

Length: 10:31 min

Directed by: Michael Higgins

Country of Origin: Greece


Although clearly filmed in our time, Olive uses the scratchy beauty of hand-processed celluloid to help evoke a mood of ancient ritual. A group of people gathered in the remote countryside are absorbed into frames that often resemble the hand tinted colours and decaying textures of unrestored early cinema. Cinema is made to haunt the present like a ghostly vision from the past.

Michael Higgins is a photographer, filmmaker and installation artist best known for his analogue film work. Having grown up in Ireland he studied at Dublin City University and Ireland’s National College of Art and Design. Higgins is interested in using the filmmaking process to rupture the reality of the everyday, skewing documentary and fiction in order to highlight alternative ways of seeing and experiencing.

Urban Planning

Saturday 1800-1930

Length: 11:46 min

Directed by: Simon Ruscinski

Country of Origin: Canada


A very lucky extraterrestrial is given the opportunity to observe a real life human being.

Independent filmmaker living in Toronto, Ontario. Currently attending York University's BFA Film Production program. His goal to make people laugh and think, maybe even simultaneously. He has a good head of hair

Spring II

Saturday 1800-1930

Length: 09:58 min

Directed by: Ed Carter

Country of Origin: USA


Two women encounter one another across dimensions, each perceiving the other as if a ghost. As they make contact, the structures of their dimensional cells begin to flicker and wane, and a possible transcendence presents itself.

Ed Carter is  a British filmmaker based in Boston, MA.


2012 - 'The Funeral Director' (UK, 5 min, S16mm)
2018 - 'Letters From Eniwetok' (USA, 12 min, Digital)
2019 - 'Spring II' (USA, 10 min, Super 8mm)

Sometimes we Swim

Saturday 1800-1930

Length: 07:37 min

Directed by: Samppa Batal

Country of Origin: Finland


Being incapable to move forward with his life, a man lingers in the moment where it all began.

Samppa Batal is a Finnish film director, screenwriter and producer. His films often feature character driven stories exploring the different aspects of human behaviour. Batal's first feature film (Bastard, 2016) was praised for its naturalistic approach on acting and dialogue. His second feature film (A Mother, 2019) will hit the theaters in Finland on May 2019.

Where do you come from

Saturday 1800-1930

Length: 15:00 min

Directed by: Jun-Yuan Hong

Country of Origin: Taiwan


The film consists of the photographic narratives of individuals’ polaroid pictures taken at the time of their birth, which is used as the intertwining signifiers. A few of the selected actors came from broken families and had similar life experiences as the concept expressed in this work. In other words, the subjects in the images are not only a semiotic interpretation of role-playing but also a reiteration of life experiences that overlap with these actors. 

Director Statement :

My film works have strong inner emotional problems. The main reason comes from my incomplete original family. Therefore, in the film, I like to construct these tangled feelings through close-up, and look for people with similar family situations, let them be my elements of the image that respond to and express their emotional state of facing family problems through the encounters of these different living individuals.

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