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OFFICIAL SELECTION 5th Berlin Revolution Film Festival

We're proud and happy to announce this years selection of films. We have doubled our program from two days to four days with a total of 21 hours of Independent Art House Cinema! We hope you are excited to join us!


Time table

Covid-19 is a really weird thing that has struck us, but last year we were one of the first to pull off a quality online live stream event and we're confident and excited to do it once again!

Event is 22-25th of April Live Online here at our website! Our host Emma Lucek will be guiding us through the weekend introducing the films, recapping, calling up our directors for some q&a's in addition to the massive program of films we're gonna watch together!

Program is already available in detail with lots of films to discover and get excited about so please feel free to browse around the website and make sure to follow our social media accounts to get updates on the upcoming festival!



Vote for your favourite film! During the entire stream 6pm-12pm Thursday to Sunday voting is open for Audience Award on ALL films. Simply type !vote "nr of film" in chat to place a vote. Every user (must have Twitch account) has 5 votes. Example of a vote : !vote 55

To find out what number the film you want to vote for has please visit this page: www.berlinrevolution.com/program


Q: How does it work? Can I just visit the website and watch the festival?

A: YES! Above you'll see a media player with a stream chat, a video window with information abut the event and a few other buttons.

The Heart is the follow button and we recomend you press it and turn notifications ON! That way when we go live you'll know and all you have to do is to go to this website and you can watch the festival from anywhere in the world from any form of media device you choose!

We use the services of Twitch to host our Live Stream so if you want to you can download their app and watch directly from there. Our channel : www.twitch.tv/pbproduktion

Advanced users can for example watch the festival fullscreen on their TV and use their mobile/pad to interact in chat!

If you have ANY questions regarding the stream don't hesitate to contact us: info@berlinrevolution.com

Q: What sort of films can I expect?

A: The overall concept is Next Generation Art House. Author driven movie making that goes below the radar of films made by production companies that dominates the bigger Festivals, Streaming Platforms and even indie Cinemas. Our Festival goal is to find and present some of these gems to you and to create a fun and entertaining event for everyone participating and watching.

If you are a fan of finding unknown films at MUBI and Criterion Collection, you are in good hands and should clear your schedule for our festival weekend ;)

There's a great variety of films this year both documentaries, straight fiction and experimentals as well as the originating countries and types of stories told. Something we are very happy about as representation in all forms matters and balancing this is hard but rewardful.

Content wise we are more feature length heavy this year with almost every program block having a 60 minute film. In total there are 39 films, 12 feature films and 27 shorts.

Q: Last year you had a voting system where we could vote for the Audience Award, will that come back?

A: YES! Just like last year we're going to make it a friendly competition where everyone watching can vote for their favourite films and the one with the most votes in the end wins!

Q: Nice! How can I vote??

A: Voting will be open for all films during the live stream it will however be for followers only with a minimum of 2hours watch time to prevent multiple sign ups and spam of votes.

Q: Any cash in the award?

YES - 500€ goes to the winning Audience Award

Q: Will you have jury awards too?

A: Of course! At the end of the festival sunday night we'll be calling up the jury who announces the Jury Winners of the festival including the Grand Prix!

Q: Where can I find the film program?


Full Program: www.berlinrevolution.com/program

Full list of Films: www.berlinrevolution.com/films

Q: I have another question can I contact you directly somehow?

A: Of course, email us at info@berlinrevolution.com