Plan your Premiere

Plan your premiere


Whether you are a first time participant or a returning film maker, we're glad to be the host for your premiere and we'll be there in the preparations and planning for it.



If you are a returning film maker – why not contact and invite some of the others you met when you last participated and ask if they wanna come too, or even if they also plan on premiering a new film of theirs? And when you hear that someone you met last time will go and premiere their new film on our fest, maybe it triggers you not only to visit but also to join in with a TBA film and dive into a new project?!


Our part in this is to be a quality event for the screening, a platform for the promotion and a helpful assistance in the planning and execution of your film premiering. To give you suggestions of key people to contact, places to invite publically, administration and logistics for your accomodation and stay in Berlin, promoting and presenting your film on our website and different channels as well as all managing the actual screening and event.


Some parts are better that we do as a festival, while others are even prefered to be done by the film maker. Basically everything where the personal voice of the maker creates an extra interest and/or where a festival voice with the same message woud be considered spam.


Public: Write in specific places inviting people to your premiere (country focused, thematic focused, style focused etc. Example: Argentina / lgbt / experimental

- facebook groups

- blogs

- forums

- Private: Write personal invitations to friends, family and people of interest (producers, critics etc)


In some sense it's the simplest of all – you invite people to come. But making it happen, getting people to make the decision to come to the premiere requires a bit of work. There is also the world online. Critics, reviews, sharing of news, VoD, Vimeo/YT etc.


It is generally a good idea to have a plan beforehand if the film will eventually be online for free or on VoD (or both). This helps you decide during your premiere promotion if you wish to target a potential paying audience to your film or investors for future projects, or Vimeo-staff for a free-online premiere following the festival tour. And yes, the answer can be "all of them".


One thing people think is that the closer the distance is to the festival the bigger the chance for a visit, not nessessarly true. Your dedicated followers, friends and family might travel to Berlin from the other side of the world only to attend your premiere. In a world of buzz and fog true dedicated content is highly valued. And it's often a fun thing, a weekend in Berlin where they get to meet up with you again, see yours (and others) film and have some fun is a welcomed opportunity. There is also the saying that five true fans are worth a lot more than five hundred indifferent guests.


But just sharing a post on facebook isn't enough, it requires a much more in-depth and dedicated presentation of the event you're inviting people to and more important – a personal invitation and often help with organizing of things like travel and where to live. From our side as a festival we'll be of help here with recomendations of where to stay, and sometimes even able to cover it with our budget. We give out free-admittance tickets to your special guests and other things that makes the decision to come both easier and more exciting.


Going in to our 4th edition we've seen this many times now, people visiting us from US, Argentina, Lebanon, Sweden, Finland, Peru and more only to visit the festival. Because they felt this was a special opportunity and a valuable experience worth going for, not because it was easy, cheap and nearby with some drinks going on (naturally not at all bad bonuses!)





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