Cut Blanche

Cut Blanche for returning participants

One section very dear to us and hopefully for everyone who has ever participated at our Festival with a film is the Cut Blanche section for returning film makers.

It is exactly what it sounds like. If you had a film by us you have a cut blanche to register whatever film you have completed since then in the "Cut Blanche" section. This is a special category reserved only for returning film makers and is separated from the competition section. If you wish to participate in the competition you must enroll through the submission process.

In the Cut Blanche section you can register your newly finished film, or even a TBA film, shoot something from scratch and premiere it at our festival!

This means that you can securely know that whenever you have an idea for a film, or are about to finish a new one, there is a home for it where you can safely plan and host your premiere! In the plan your premiere tab you'll find info about how we can execute it as successful as possible.

We've decided to add this section for many reasons. Whenever we host a festival we're in contact with lots of film makers who participate. So many visit us from around the globe only to participate at the event. We have a great time, and then poff, good bye. Wouldn't it be better if we all knew that we can meet up again next year? That there is a standing invitation open.

Knowing that you can return, that the other people you met can do the same creates a stable base, and hopefully gives incentive to return. To show a new film in an upcoming edition, to look forward to the next meeting with the film makers you met the first time, to see their new works etc. To be part in building a peer-to-peer community.


Q: Any time limitations in the Cut Blance section?

A: Not on individual films but on the section in total, unfortunetaly, yes. As it is now we're aiming at ~6 hours for this secion which equals to around ~20 shorts and ~2 features.

Q: Is it for the better if I make a shorter version of my film?

A: If it's possible for you to do so without feeling like you are murdering your film then, yes that would be great since it allows for others to participate too.

Q: How will you make the cut?

A: If we find ourselves in a situation with more films registered than the program allows we have 3 ways of sorting.

1: First come first serve (includes TBA titles)

2: Films that have their premiere are put ahead of the films which aren't premieres.

3: Film makers who visit Berlin to present their films are put ahead over those who do not.

Q: I'm coming! Do you cover accomodation?

A: We do! We'll be booking ~20 beds, first come first serve system for film maker +1 (priority given to those who show a film but open to everyone who has ever participated).

Q: I am a returning film maker, how can I register my film?

A: Send us an email and we will provide you with a link to the sign up document.

Q: This is awesome I'm gonna make a movie right away, cant wait for the premiere!!!

A: Yep! But dont forget to add the TBA on the list :)

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